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By: Claude Cutshaw


Well it finally happened.  TVRC had the first race of the spring series on April 12th, 2015, no April Fooling.  It was at River Valley Motocross Park near Newark, TX.  There had been four other scheduled races but they were all cancelled/postponed due to rain, rain and more rain.  However, this Sunday was different.  The clouds started gathering above River Valley and began to hang low as racers started to arrive Saturday.  The more attendees that came, the more clouds came too.  The clouds were determined not to be out-done, though.  By Sunday morning, a total of 96 racers signed-up and the weather worked up all the precipitation it could.  It wasn�t much but we all got spit on for about a half an hour during some of the first motos.  It was like the weather knew it couldn�t beat the old-school motocross spirit of run what you brung-blood, mud or shine.  So the clouds parted and nearly disappeared.  The rest of the day was glorious!  Every racer was a winner that day because they finally got to ride. 

There were a few more nice surprises Sunday.  David Lux� track was run in reverse and about 3 sections were re-routed to be more vintage friendly.  The dirt was beautiful.  It wasn�t too dry or too wet.  It was primo-braaaaplio loam.  The track conditions just could not have been any finer.  About a half-dozen new riders to TVRC raced on this beautiful track with us.  The riders came from nearby and afar.  The long-distance racer award goes to Greg Davidovich�s friend, Chris W.  He came all the way from the Chicago area.  He earned himself a 1st place in Vintage B.  We hope he returns and races often.  Another surprise in the air was the 100 bumble-bee buzz.  Randy Owens brought his newly purchased 82/83 YZ100, and Michael Keating arrived up from Houston with his 79 RM 100 he just finished building.  Keating punished the track for no good reason other than his own personal enjoyment.  I bet he was the first PVMX racer to basically clear the finish line table-top on his old school 100.  These racers and others should make the 100cc race in Jefferson very fun and noteworthy for both rider and spectator alike.  The throttle grip fore-arm syndrome plagued several people.    That�s what too much rain will do to a finely tuned athlete.  I heard about every third or fourth person mentioning tight muscles or pumped up ones.   I was no exception.  Luckily there were no serious injuries.

I�m not a very good looking trophy girl but I enjoyed passing out trophies last weekend for Tony.  I met a few more new members/friends which is always cool.  If you see me, feel free to introduce yourself.  I�d appreciate that.  Monday morning most of us were back to work and the downpours returned.  Let�s hope for the best for Diamond Don�s race and see you soon there!!!






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