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Spring Series is complete and plans are being made for the Spring Fling Banquet. It will be held at Moseleys place. All paid members are invited with one guest. Date to be determined, but in July for sure. Hope to see you all there.















































































































































































By: Claude Cutshaw

OAK HILL RACEWAY-06/07/2015.

There was practice on Saturday for vintage and post-vintage riders at Oak Hill Raceway.  Dozens of folks camped out while waiting for Sunday, June 7th 2015 which was the TVRC last race of the Spring Series.  It was the sunniest race of the year so far with some very heated racing.  Jeff Oldenberg perfectly prepped his track from the start to the finish-line.   It’s no wonder why so many amateurs and professionals practice and hone their skills here.  Almost 100 racers signed up to race and two joined TVRC, Derek Borg and Randall Kyle. 

GP5-A and GP4-A were some fast folks. Kevin Hawthorne took the win in GP5-A with his father, the Dennis Hawthorne in hot pursuit for 2nd overall.  Chance Berg took the holie in moto 2 but earned 3rd overall for the day.  The GP4-A battle went back and forth between JC Baccus and Karl Bowers but ultimately went to JC Baccus. 

Charlie Moore won  1st place in GP4-B. Brian Yelton took 1st overall in GP5-B but Bryan Hedge earned his first trophy in GP5-B which was a 2nd overall.  Bryan Hedge just turned 15 Sunday and has a full lifetime of motocross and trophy winning to look forward to, so congratulations guys!

One of the fiercest battles was in GP2-A between Dennis Hawthorne and Michael Keating.  These gentlemen racers make going around a challenging track look easy, effortless and entertaining. In reality, both are well-seasoned and conditioned professionals that are still back-in-the-fast.  If it were a contest of Cool both racers would have earned 1st place.  However, while Keating was lightening fast on his pinned RM100, Dennis Hawthorne took the overall win on his Kawasaki with moto finishes of (2-1). 

Largest class of the day was Over-50.  Gary Emerson, Sean Knaack, Rob Springer and Joe Busby commanded this race.  However, the overall competitive field of riders required these leaders to work for their respective finishing positions mentioned above. 

My daughter celebrated her 16th birthday party with TVRC members.  I wanted to especially thank Shand Garcia for gifting Mary the book he authored, BERM- Texas Motocross Chronicles.  I appreciate Charlie Moore’s and Shand’s effort to get the book signed by so many TVRC members for Mary.  She looked at the book and read it all the way from Decatur to Denton until we stopped for a snack.  TVRC proves time and time again you don’t have to finish first to be a winner.  Thank you and see y’all at the Awards Banquet in July.








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